The PIM & CEMS Club is on a roll – with special events for alumni

While the PIM & CEMS Club used to be an all students club, the member structure has changed considerably over the last years. In the first few years, students made up most of the club’s members, whereas today we count around 1,000 alumni, about two thirds of all club members!

As a reaction to this development, an alumni team was founded to take care of alumni interests and to organize memorable events.

CEMS Alumni Startup Weekend


Following the increasing interest in entrepreneurial ventures over the past years, CEMS Alumni Germany took the initiative and introduced a new global event series, showcasing the Startup Scene in Berlin as the fastest growing entrepreneurship hub in Germany. The event took place in September 2019 and hosted 20 international participants from the CEMS community who visited 6 startups (JOIN Solutions AG, GOODPATCH, JOBLIFT, BRAINEFFECT, Koawach, OnPurpose). Two and a half very eventful days proved once again the strength of the CEMS community spirit. We are looking forward to the next inspiring edition of the CEMS Startup Weekend in Berlin!