Exciting projects with international flair

The PIM&CEMS Club offers its members the opportunity to get involved in many areas of the club's activities. 

Would you be interested in supporting guest students, organizing events, working on corporate relations, or would you rather write an Artiekl for our club magazine and test your social media skills? 

In the PIM&CEMS Club you can prove your skills in many ways!

In addition, working at the PIM&CEMS Club is a lot of fun! Many friendships have been made through working together in the club and encourage members to get involved again and again.

Dedicated members have all doors open - the different ways of working together 

As a member of the PIM&CEMS Club you have the chance to guide the future of the club. However, you can determine the extent of your participation yourself: The possibilities range from taking part in discussions, to participating in individual events, to carrying out individual projects independently. The most detailed kind of cooperation is the assumption of the board position. 

Our new program: Become a Committed Member (CM)! 

In order to become a Committed Member (CM), you must meet some requirements within one semester, but with your support you will not only advance the development of the PIM&CEMS Club, but also meet many cool people and have fun. All the benefits and requirements are briefly summarized below! 


  • Receive a resume certificate for your club involvement
  • Take the chance to participate in our exclusive CM-Dinner
  • A higher priority in the IW application, the recommendation of the current board for a board position in the PIM&CEMS Club, PIM&CEMS sweater 


  • Participation in three company workshops or events
  • Participation in three (social) events of which you support two in some way. Events can be any event within our International, Socials, CEMS, Alumni or Marketing departments. For example, you can be a team leader in Welcome Week, building or dismantling an event, etc. 

How you can participate: If you are interested - we cordially invite all members and interested parties to our open club meetings Open House, which take place every first Monday of the month in the club premises. In addition, everyone is welcome to contact us at this e-mail address: committedmembers@pimandcems.de