The PIM & CEMS Club cooperates with other alumni associations – an advantage for our members

By cooperating with KölnAlumni and the CEMS Alumni Association we can offer even more services to our alumni.


Cooperation with KölnAlumni e.V.

KölnAlumni e.V. is a network of graduates from all faculties of the University of Cologne. All PIM&CEMS Club members become members of KölnAlumni automatically after finishing their studies, when changing their membership status from student to alumni. This entitlesouralumni to profit from various offers of KölnAlumni. These include scientific and cultural events, access to the network and free subscription of the Manager Magazin.



Cooperation with CEMS Alumni Association

The PIM & CEMS Club is the official CEMS Club in Germany and thus part of the world-wide CEMS club network. The alumni activity is closely linked to the CEMS Alumni Association (CAA), where currently a PIM & CEMS alumni is Vice President of the CAA board. CAA especially offers an easy way to stay in contact with the globalized CEMS community. It helps building and maintaining longterm relationships in your personal network.