Our Members

791 students, 12 doctoral candidates and 1310 alumni – who is behind these numbers?


Our students

Excellent performance and practical attitude

  • Überdurchschnittliche Studienleistungen

  • Vielfältige Praktika im In- und Ausland

  • Teilnahme an Unternehmensevents und Workshops mit Top-Unternehmen


International focus of studies

  • Completion of at least one semester or internship abroad

  • International experience and strong intercultural competences

  • Command of three languages fluently on average


Engagement and Motivation

  • Voluntary engagement

  • High proportion of active members


Our alumni

  • Multi-faceted orientation

  • Mainly leading managers in internationally renowned companies

  • Occupations ina variety of industries,most prominently are Finance and Consulting



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