Alumni – Definition and Explanation of an alumni membership

Alumnus, -ni (Latin): former student (male); Alumna, -nae(Latin): former student (female)

After successfully graduating from the University of Cologne, every PIM & CEMS Club member will become alumni.

Since all students who conducted an exchange semester at the WiSo faculty of the University of Cologne can become a member, completing the CEMS MIM is not a prerequisite to reach the alumni status.

Additionally, all club members who successfully completed the CEMS MIM degree become members of the global CEMS Alumni Association (CAA) free of charge, benefiting from a wide range of CAA activities conducted in the CEMS hubs all over the world. Furthermore, the PIM & CEMS alumni membership includes the membership at KölnAlumni – Freunde und Förderer der Universität zu Köln e.V. for all graduates with all its benefits.

Finally, we also offer former students of the University of Cologne, who have not become members during their studies, to join the club after finishing their studies. All prerequisites for becoming an ordinary member of the PIM & CEMS Club have to be fulfilled to gain the direct alumni membership.