11. November 2019, 13:00 - 23:59 Uhr

+++ Carnival party@ Club Z Zimmermanns +++

Hard facts:

Entrance: 5€
Start: Monday, 11th November - 1pm
Location: Club Zimmermanns

+++ TICKETS ONLY AVAILABLE AT OUR WEBSITE! Please show the payment confirmation at the entrance (printed version or on mobile phone) +++

Every year, thousands upon thousands of people choose to leave work, skip university and possibly come together to form a massive group to celebrate... The people come in all shapes, sizes and nationalities. What do they celebrate?

Soon it will be that very special time again, when Cologne celebrates the 5th season of the year:

------------------------ C A R N I V A L -----------------------------

The whole city turns into one huge and insane party and so do we! Just like the previous years, we are delighted that we have the chance to share our beloved custom with you guys from all over the world.

We got a pretty cool location, the Club Zimmermanns in Ehrenfeld. We look forward to welcome you there in the early afternoon at 1pm to kick off the day with the first Kölsch and some traditional carnival music from Cologne....obviously the party will start right away!

!!! Don't forget to dress up in a crazy way because you won't find anyone in Cologne without a costume during these days !!!

Entrance fee will be 5€ and of course you can also buy drinks in the club.
Please also invite fellow CEMSies who are in Cologne at this time.

Can't wait and looking forward to an outstanding event,


Venloer Str. 39, Köln, 50672

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