CEMS is a global alliance of academic and corporate institutions dedicated to educating and preparing future generations of global business leaders to enter into a multilingual, multicultural and interconnected business world through the CEMS Master’s in International Management.

Together with more than 70 multinational Corporate Partner and Social Partner, CEMS promotes global citizenship, with a particular emphasis on these values:

  • The pursuit of excellence with high standards of performance and ethical conduct;
  • Understanding and drawing upon cultural diversity with respect and empathy;
  • Professional responsibility and accountability in relation to society as a whole.

CEMS Club Cologne

The CEMS Global Alliance is lucky to have a mobile and energetic student body that makes things happen. Student life crosses boundaries, and not just geographical ones, in all kinds of ways.

Here in Cologne, we live the spirit of the city and therefore especially embrace the thought of diversity. According to the concept “as exclusive as necessary and as diverse as possible” you will not only get the chance to connect with CEMS students from different generations, but with other excellent students with international background and mindset in various CEMS exclusive and inclusive events of different kinds. For us, diversity and integration also inherit the responsible treatment of our environment and the support of refugees and minorities.

CEMS Students can make things happen on a local level via 29 international CEMS Clubs, which the PIM&CEMS Club is proud to be part of here in Cologne. The PIM&CEMS Club is the official representation of the CEMS students in Cologne and in the CEMS Global Alliance, both for home and incoming students. Through our and your engagement, you can benefit from alumni support via the SAMP mentoring scheme, get involved in CSR-related projects, get to know companies and mingle with other students. Through out the semester you have many possibilities to take initiative, get involved and feel the CEMS spirit.

As the CEMS Club Cologne aims to help all CEMS students to make the best out of the CEMS experience, the widespread nature of the CEMS student body and the engagement in the Club is quite the opposite of a hurdle to a rich and enjoyable student life - it is one of the main reasons for it

CEMS Student Board

In addition to all 29 CEMS Clubs, another body plays an important role in the CEMS Global Alliance. The CEMS Student Board is the voice of the CEMS students within the CEMS global alliance. The Student Board consists of one representative from each of the member schools, and it manages its projects according to the following mission statement:

  • gathering students' opinions about CEMS and the CEMS MIM and bringing recommendations to improve the CEMS MIM and CEMS community life,
  • implementing and managing global projects which have a positive impact on all CEMS students, including projects aimed at fostering and developing social awareness and ethical conscience,
  • providing support and a platform for communication to the CEMS Clubs to help them achieve their goals.

In carrying out the above, in an ethical and socially responsible way, the Student Board acts as the official voice of CEMS students, representing their interests before the Academic, Corporate and Administrative stakeholders of the CEMS Alliance.


For further information, get insprired on CEMS or at University of Cologne.

CEMS Alumni Association (CAA)